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A Little Change Never Hurt Anybody

Several weeks ago I had a meeting with the nurse educator, Judy, to go over the specifics of a new acronym used by my hospital to reinforce mindful rounding. The acronym supports the fact that nurses should do rounding that addresses many aspects of what a patient may need every hour throughout the shift. This includes a level of awareness, observation, and consideration which allows the patient feel like those caring for them are paying attention. Though none of these areas were anything new, many did bring forth important reminders. As I continued talking to Judy, she brought up an important point. Some nurses who have been practicing for many years get set in their ways and at times, this makes it challenging to accept any suggestions or a change in routine. A remark I’ve even heard in the past is “You can’t tell me how to do my job I’ve been doing this for 20 years.”  So it made me think, how can we as experienced nurses, open ourselves up to adding more to the routine or even shifting it all together?

As we grow in the field of nursing and become more confident in our therapeutic approach, a system develops. This system is used day to day and we stick with it most of the time because it works. “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” we say.  But what if we could adapt our system to make it better and possibly discover improved outcomes for patients. I believe that it first starts with willingness and taking initiative, to research why a different or adapted method could have a better outcome. Then if it doesn’t make sense or we’ve found too many weak areas that could make any difference, no need to pursue. However, the importance comes from realizing different areas always have room for improvement which advances toward a better level of care. Wouldn’t it be a shame if Universities or business institutions kept the same models and textbooks used from 1977? Or if we used the same archaic equipment in hospitals? An aspect of moving forward and even applying evidence-based practice, warrants mixing things up a bit and embracing change when necessary.

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